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September 26

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Scientists Made A Pac-Man Maze For Microorganisms
You Can Tell Whether Poured Water Is Hot Or Cold
Blurring And Pixelation Can No Longer Keep You Anonymous
You'll Likely Be Happier If You Choose Time Over Money
Punctuation With A Double Punch

September 25

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Military Dolphins Defend The World's Largest Stockpile Of Nukes
Judy Blume Is Among The Most Challenged Authors Of The 21st Century
The Hong Kong Architecture Built For Dragons And Positive Feng Shui
Vitamin C Doesn't Prevent Colds. Why Do We Think It Does?
Does Jupiter Have A Solid Core?

September 24

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Just One Parsec Is Equal To 19 Trillion Miles
The National Museum of African American History And Culture Spent A Century In Waiting
Can You Solve The Teresa's Family Logic Puzzle?
30 Years After A Nuclear Disaster, Chernobyl Wildlife Is Thriving
Are You A Super-Recognizer?

September 23

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Schadenfreude Neurons Fire When Other People Fail
Bolivia's "Death Road" Is 69 Kilometers Long
Improv Theater Was Invented To Help Immigrants Assimilate
The Spotlight Effect Explains Why We Think Everyone Notices A Stain On Our Shirt
The World's First Smart Magnets Are Programmable, Customizable And Printable

September 22

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The Mysterious Smudge On Edvard Munch's "The Scream" Is Actually Candle Wax
Scotland Had A Real Sea Monster 170 Million Years Ago
Teacup Pigs Don't Exist
Thank Physicist Michael Faraday For Your Electronics
Kilobots Are More Intelligent In A Swarm Than Alone

September 21

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The Museum of Broken Relationships Is A Monument To Failed Love
How Much Caffeine Is In Your Food?
Before Pablo Escobar, Griselda Blanco Was The Kingpin Of Cocaine
You've Got Ancient Virus DNA In Your Genome
Can You Solve The Sprinter Brain Teaser?