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Our TV commercials exist to give you a quick taste of who we are. Watch both spots to get a feel for the variety of thought-provoking topics we feature and the way we aim to make knowledge inspirational and fun.

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From contagious yawning to Nikola Tesla, Curiosity.com has the resources for you to dig deeper on almost any subject. The collection of topics referenced in our TV commercials run the gamut, just like the hundreds of thousands of pieces of content on Curiosity.com.

Our commercials feature topics covered by some of the web’s most popular content creators, including VSAUCE, SciShow, Head Squeeze and DNews. And that's only a small handful of the hundreds of providers (and topics) you’ll discover with us.


Wondering is the first step to discovering amazing new things. Let the videos featured in this TV commercial incite your wonder. We want to inspire with topics like music and star stuff, and light the spark to get you on your learning journey.


Learning can be fun—and we’re here to prove it in this TV commercial. It’s fun to imagine what the northern lights would look like from space, or if a speedy greyhound could outrun a cheetah. To those curiosities and more, we have the videos to provide answers.